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PUF Series 4: Why a True Hardware PUF is more Reliable as RooT of Trust

Evans Yang, Vice President of PUFsecurity

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In the digital era, industrial product technologies, commercial know-how, and artificial intelligence (AI) assets are stored in one chip of every electronic device. This essential information has become a target for hackers seeking to violate the rights of individuals and enterprises. Consequently, the issue of chip security has become critical. From the moment a system is turned on, the chip vital to security should run a system check on overall hardware and software to assure that there has been no tampering. To do so, a built-in security verification process must guard against malicious programs and codes and to prevent the theft of valuable secrets inside the chip.

On the theme of security, this article will highlight the importance of chip-security operations and the relationship between a root of trust and chip security. This paper will also analyze the advantages and disadvantages of“ root of trust with software algorithms” and “root of trust for pure hardware” as the basis of chip security…

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