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PUF is a Hardware Solution for the Sunburst Hack

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On December 14, 2020, SolarWinds, which provides network monitoring software to the US government and private businesses, reported one of the largest cyberattacks in history, breaching the data of as many as 18,000 organizations and companies. The so-called ‘Sunburst’ attack by a still unknown group probably backed by a foreign government began in March 2020 and penetrated US intelligence and defense organizations as well as companies such as Microsoft and Cisco Systems.

Because Sunburst went undetected for so many months, cybersecurity experts are still assessing the impact and whether the attack has been fully contained. Former US Homeland Security Advisor Thomas P. Bossert warned that evicting the attackers from US networks may take years, allowing them to continue to monitor, destroy, or tamper with data in the meantime. While few have attempted to evaluate the cost of recovery, it’s certain to be in the billions of dollars. US Senator Richard Durbin described the attack as a declaration of war…

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