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Security Innovations That Are Helping Businesses in 2021

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More people are now online than ever before. According to Time, internet use is up 35%, and it’s mostly due to how we’re home for longer than usual right now. Organizations, too, have had to adapt and shift their operations online, and now more businesses than ever are operating via a remote setup. 

This may seem like a setback and a big adjustment at first, but thanks to increased online activity, businesses can make the most of the opportunities in the digital space. In line with this, Ayima Hong Kong states that even small businesses cannot pass up on investing in a full SEO strategy to direct traffic — and revenues — to their websites. In a time where more people are searching via Google, this is the perfect opportunity to expand their reach, especially since e-commerce has seen a massive increase in adoption as well. 

However, with the sudden abundance of activities online, cyber attacks have also become more aggressive. The good news is there are exciting innovations that can protect businesses from succumbing to these attacks…

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