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Talk: Chip Fingerprints Realize Safer Chip Applications and Services

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連網應用的革新加劇了全球生活型態的改變,也將資訊安全的需求推上了浪尖。資安攻防的戰線更已經從過往應用與軟體層延深至晶片端。熵碼科技結合晶片指紋PUF技術與多項抗攻擊設計打造堅實的硬體信任根PUFrt,並整合密碼系統與處理器擴充為PUFiot/PUFse安全元件,成為RISC-V體系晶片安全設計不可或缺的指標性解決方案。(相關新聞請參考: 熵碼科技與晶心科技合作將安全處理器PUFiot導入RISC-V AIoT安全平台)


Evans Yang  | EVP |  PUFsecurity
Evans Yang | EVP | PUFsecurity

Dr. Yang was appointed Executive Vice President of PUFsecurity, a PUF-based security IP solutions company and the subsidiary of eMemory, in 2019. He leads the research team on developing PUF-based hardware security functions and solutions, as well as the sales and marketing team on market development.
Dr. Yang joined eMemory in 2000 as one of the founding members and served as the Device Technology Development Department manager. He is one of the inventors in eMemory proprietary NVM technology portfolios. Since 2014, Dr. Yang has been the Vice President with focuses on corporate development strategy at eMemory.

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