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  • PUF Series 4:Why a True Hardware PUF is more Reliable as RooT of Trust

    2020-06-22 by

    Evans Yang, Vice President of PUFsecurity In the digital era, industrial product technologies, commercial know-how, and artificial intelligence (AI) assets are stored in one chip of every electronic device. This essential information has become a target for hackers seeking to violate the rights of individuals and enterprises. Consequently, the issue of chip security has become… Read more

  • PUF Series 3: The Quantum Tunneling Mechanism of NeoPUF

    2020-06-16 by

    Charles Hsu, President of PUFsecurity  In my previous article, I have briefly introduced the physics of the quantum tunneling behavior in NeoPUF. In this article, I will explain, in detail, the quantum-tunneling mechanism in the gate oxide of MOSFET in advanced silicon processes and how it applies in the creation of NeoPUF characteristics.   I will use a two-dimensional cross section of a silicon dioxide atomic structure and a corresponding energy band diagram to explain trap-assisted electron… Read more

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