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  • Standardized PUF-based Solution for Device eID

    2021-03-02 by

    1. Introduction Generally speaking IoT/AIoT networks require strong identification /authentication, secure update, secure boot, secure communication, and data encryption for IoT devices [1]. Typically, the IoT device logs in on its own and sends data on its own. Consequently, authenticating the potentially billions of IoT devices to the server and among themselves becomes a big concern. Thus, securing… Read more

  • PUFsecurity Crypto Co-processor PUFiot Passed NIST CAVP Certification

    2021-02-02 by

    PUFsecurity’s chip security co-processor IP, PUFiot, has passed the CAVP certification. The certified security algorithms include AES, CMAC, DRBG, key wrap, SHA2, HMAC, KDF, and ECDSA.   This good news means that PUFiot officially qualifies under international security standards to further meet the security needs of various application scenarios; a guarantee for chips and systems that use PUFiot.   The Cryptographic Algorithm Validation Program (CAVP) is established by the National… Read more

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